Top 3 IT Trends 2020

Latest Top 3  IT Trends 2020

As you know technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace all around the world. Many latest innovations and technology are coming and also existing technology is changing its shape. From computer to smartphone, hardware to software an IT professional is always in its learning phase because of new innovations and rapid change. An IT professional should have to keep himself updated about the latest trends in information technology. So to keep IT professionals update to date we will discuss here, the 3 latest trends. So, that an IT professional must know what skills they need to learn to get the newly created jobs from these trends.

Artificial Intelligence

This is the branch of computer science and that deals with the intelligence of machines in the way that the machine thinks like a human being. In this era, artificial intelligence is playing a vital role and also considered as having a big scope in the future. Many big business giants are working and emphasizing on the development of their business on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Many big giants are using artificial intelligence as mentioned below:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Apple
  • Alexa

These applications support their customers on their searches, likes, and behaviors. Speech Recognition, Machine Learning techniques, problem-solving, planning,  are examples of artificial intelligence.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the application of computer sciences which deals with the nearest location of computation and data storage. This technique helps in the improvement of time of response and also saves the internet bandwidth. Now in this computer era, people are well aware of cloud computing and using it as a service. The edge computing is a transition from cloud computing to edge computing, for the people who need improved response time and minimum bandwidth. Many applications are using edge computing techniques like location services, data caching, augmented reality applications, etc.

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IOT Things

This is the most emerging and rapidly growing technology in the market. In this technology, a system is developed which is compounded with interrelated computer devices and machine which can send and receive data over the network without a human to a computer or human to human interference. The major applications of this technology today used are smart homes, transportation, smart speakers, medical and healthcare, etc.

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