Setting up the Environment to Run PHP Web Pages

Setting up the Environment to Run PHP Web Pages


PHP Environment Setup is not a  difficult task. PHP is a web-based programming language that is used to develop dynamic web-based pages. To set up the environment to run PHP you need to have the following three things installed in your system.

  1. Web Server

 PHP only works with the APACHE web server which is available on

  1. Database

PHP programming language works with almost all databases available in the market like Oracle, Postgre, SQL server, maria DB, and so on. But most commonly the widely used database with PHP language is MySQL. This database is Open source and available at

  1. PHP Parser

PHP parser is used to generate the output of PHP script to HTML format.

Server Installation

There are many servers available which include the above-mentioned PHP requisites. You just need to download and install them.

  1. WAMP Server
  2. LAMP Server
  3. Xamp Server

They all include a webserver, PHP parser, and database in them. To run the PHP script you just need to download from their official website and start using it.

We will discuss there only one WAMP server installation.

Step 1

Go to the wamp server official website and download the setup of the latest software from there.

Step 2

Run the installation file and start running the setup.

Step 3

After completion of the setup, click on the wamp server icon and start using the software. This will include the latest version of the PHP server and also the latest MySQL database.

After running the setup file. Open your web browser and type localhost or It will show the link towards PHP my admin and all projects you are running on the server.

The most important thing to note that is you have to place your project files in the wamp server installation directory in www folder.

That’s all keep enjoying coding with PHP and wamp server.

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